Packing Tips

Some useful tips to help ensure your items arrive safely at their destination…

  1. Try not to mix items from different rooms in the same box. This may cause confusion when unpacking at the new location.
  2. Organize the items into groups before placing them in the box.
  3. Put a layer of peanuts at the bottom of the box to act as a cushion.
  4. Place the heaviest items into the box first. Then follow with the lighter items.
  5. Fill the void spaces with peanuts to prevent the items from moving around during the move.
  6. The filled boxes should weigh in the 35 to 40 pound range, pills certainly not more than you can lift easily.
  7. Do not over pack the box or it may burst during the move. This will possibly damage or soil your items.
  8. Seal the box with tape and label it noting the contents and the room the box will be placed in at the new location.
  9. When stacking the boxes, link place the heavier filled boxes on the bottom and place the lighter or less filled boxes on top.